R-Biopharm 1018 R-Biopharm’s Food and Feed test kits for foods/surfaces including dairy products, wine, beer, fruit juices, water, fish, eggs and meat. Methodologies include rapid lateral flow tests, Elisa, Enzymatic, Immunoaffinity columns for HPLC and LCMS, RT-PCR and Microbiology. Test for Mycotoxins ie: Aflatoxin, Allergens including Gluten, Vitamins, Sugars/Acids Antibiotics and Hygiene.
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Cannabis analysis
Ensuring the safety of cannabis products
Test systems for the analysis of mycotoxins in cannabis
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RBIO 1 OnSiteTesting   RBIO 2 AnalytEfficiencies   RBIO 3 Standards
On-site testing
Rapid and easy-to-perform methods for on-site analysis
Analytical efficiency
Innovative solutions for higher efficiency in the lab
Mycotoxin standards for your quality assurance
Efficient modern food production requires rapid decisions: Are the delivered goods safe to use? Is the production area free of contamination? Does the product meet the quality standards or is there a need for appropriate measures? What is required here is effective on-site analysis that is easy to perform and delivers fast results.   Many laboratories face the challenge of analyzing more and more samples in a shorter time – while demands on quality and precision are increasing. We meet these requirements with new innovative and efficient solutions – such as laboratory automation or multiplex assays.   Mycotoxin standards are used routinely in mycotoxin analysis for various purposes. R-Biopharm offers an extensive range of ready-to-use mycotoxin standards in solution or in dry form to be reconstituted in situ.

RBIO 4 BevSpoilage   RBIO 5 QualityAssurance   RBIO 6 AnalytServices
Beverage spoilage
Detection of spoilage organisms in wine, beer and juices
Quality assurance
Proficiency testing and reference materials for your quality assurance
Analytical services
Research and certification services for your laboratory
Do you want to test beer, wine or juices for beverage spoilers? For fast and specific screening and detection of microbiological spoilage parameters in beverages, a wide product line of qPCR kits is offered.   Food and feed analysis imposes many challenges. Participation in proficiency testing and the use of reference materials will strengthen your quality assurance.   Special analytical services, e.g. contract research and certification services, are offered by our competent partners Trilogy Analytical Laboratory and CONGEN to support your laboratory routine.