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Facilitating a New Standard of Care in Transplant Diagnostics
As a brand of Thermo Fisher Scientific, One Lambda is committed to provide the most consistent and reliable reagents. The driving force behind One Lambda’s product development and educational programs is facilitating a new standard of care in transplant monitoring.
One Lambda develop and distribute a comprehensive line of HLA typing and antibody detection products, laboratory instrumentation, and computer software that are used to simplify and automate testing procedures and final test evaluations.
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Supporting Transplantation During the COVID-19 Pandemic

As the world leader in Transplant Diagnostics, One Lambda is partnering with transplant professionals around the world to facilitate testing in face of new challenges and to launch innovative research that may shed light on the immune response in COVID-19 patients.
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NGS Based Genotyping with Fast Turnaround From the Leader in HLA

Because of its pivotal role in the immune response to pathogens, researchers are currently investigating the role HLA variation plays in a patient’s risk for developing COVID-19. Our AllType™ and AllType™ FASTplex™each offer a complete NGS solution that delivers high-resolution genotyping for all eleven Class I and Class II HLA loci. With our TypeStream™ Visual 2.0 NGS Analysis Software, analysis is easier than ever with reports generated in just two clicks!
Define Your DSAs with Greater Confidence

The powerful next step for HLA donor specific antibody (DSA) testing is available with the new LABScreen Single Antigen ExPlex!
Building on the trusted LABScreen Single Antigen platform, ExPlex now offers an extended HLA antibody panel in a single-well setup! Paired with the original LABScreen SABs, ExPlex provides cutting-edge capabilities with a total of 151 Class I and 119 Class II Common and Well-Documented alleles.
Discover LABScreen® Autoantibody Detection

Testing for autoantibodies has never been more important as recent studies suggest a potential, long-term detrimental impact*. Employing single antigen bead technology, the LABScreen Autoantibody assays allow you to characterize and monitor a broad range of autoantibody targets in human sera. Following a familiar workflow and analysis algorithm, these assays can be easily integrated into your laboratory workflow without the need for new instrumentation or extensive retraining.