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miRNA Expression Analysis Digital Gene expression/Signature Profiling

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miRNA Expression Analysis
Comprehensive Coverage with Gold-Standard Results
Built on the same innovative technology that forms the foundation of the NanoString Gene Expression CodeSets, the nCounter miRNA Expression Assay Kits are capable of highly multiplexed, direct digital detection and counting of miRNAs in a single reaction without amplification.
Digital Gene expression/Signature Profiling
Unparalleled Performance in Digital Gene Expression
Gene Expression CodeSets for the nCounter Analysis System deliver quantitative data for a wide range of organisms, even for hard-to-target sequences. Our custom and off-the-shelf CodeSets provide everything you need to perform your experiments in a simple and cost-effective workflow with no need for amplification.
  • Signature profiling
  • Splice variation analysis
  • Pathway analysis
  • Fusion transcripts
  • Pathogen identification