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Hamilton Robotics offers a wide range of liquid handling workstations and laboratory automation solutions and is now regarded as one of the world’s leaders in manufacture and supply of Automated Liquid Handling Solutions.

Key to the products is their air displacement pipetting and monitoring technology as well as the software controlling their systems. With a belief that every laboratory automation project is unique, their workstations and software serve as a high precision and flexible base upon which to provide automated solutions.
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New Microlab® Prep™ Automated Liquid Handler Provides High-End Performance for Any Budget

Powerful and Affordable Liquid Handling Enhances Hands-Free Throughput and Reproducibility
Classic Hamilton Quality
Tiny Footprint
HAMR MIcrolabPrep
The Microlab Prep takes Hamilton's workhorse automation and boils it down into a 3 square foot footprint. With the reliable automation features Hamilton is known for, plus a few new innovations, the Microlab Prep is ready to revolutionise the repetitive work in your your lab.

An ideal entry-level solution for those transitioning away from manual pipetting in 96- and 384-well microplates and other sample vessels. Standard configuration consists of two independent pipetting channels. Microlab Prep is also available with a high-speed multi-probe head (MPH) and a configuration containing both single channels and 8 channels. Microlab Prep easily fits on a lab bench or in many biological safety cabinets.
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Discover the Hamilton Advantage

Pipetting Evolution. Logistic Revolution. Integrated Solution.

Microlab® VANTAGE Liquid Handling System™

Multi-Probe Head (MPH) allows quick pipetting of entire 96- or 384-well plates, or partial plates. Liquid level detection ensures reliable liquid handling.
The pipetting arm holds pipetting channels, transportation devices, camera technology, and more.
NanoPulse™ channels offer a dynamic range of 0.5 μL up to 1000 μL within a single channel.
Carriers, tips, and waste positions can be freely placed and configured on the Pipettor’s workspace to reflect your assay’s individual needs.
A completely sensor-controlled enclosure guarantees safe operation for users and protocols.
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With the STARline generation of instruments and the Nimbus4, Nimbus96 as the new class of automated liquid handler to serve the needs of today’s busy low-medium throughput lab, Hamilton are well placed to offer tailored automation to suit customer’s applications with flexibility for integrations to many third party devices. Hamilton have also developed Standard solutions for dedicated Applications in the Fields of Genomics, Forensics, Immunology and Blood Fractionation.


MICROLAB® STAR Liquid Handling Workstations

The STAR line workstations are based on superior air displacement pipetting technology. This increases accuracy and repeatability while providing chain of custody with pipette condition monitoring and recording. Each workstation can be configured with multiple arms and each arm can be configured with multiple pipetting and labware gripping devices. Pipetting channels and labware grippers move independently of each other, supporting the use of a wide range of labware. The autoload option provides barcode tracking of samples, labware, racks and carriers. All workstation functions and integrated third-party devices are controlled by the Venus software.

Venus One is the newest software package for the STAR Line. It offers the most intuitive, flexible and powerful programming control. Venus offers all the tools to allow simple to complex programming, without limiting your imagination or compromising your requirements.

Data can be tracked and processed within the application as well as interfaces to internal and external databases, including LIMS. The STAR can serve as a simple pipettor for serial dilutions or act as the center of a large system with multiple workstations and third party devices such incubators, cell counters, centrifuges, etc
HamRo STARlet
HamRo STARplus

MICROLAB® Nimbus generation of personal pipetting stations.

In today’s laboratory, reality is that the automation of some workflows is better served by taking a ‘divide and conquer’ approach.

In contrast to large, multi-integrated, high-end systems designed for automating complex workflows, NIMBUS is a small-footprint, lean-integrated, entry-level pipettor ideally suited for automating a single or select set of liquid handling routines. A flexible deck layout and a broad range of modular accessories and options make reconfiguration for new applications quick and easy. What’s more, an attractive price point makes NIMBUS very affordable, allowing even budget-challenged facilities to place multiple systems into a single laboratory.

The NIMBUS is a compact, multi-channel automated liquid handler, offering speed, flexibility, ease-of-use and superior pipetting performance at a surprisingly affordable price. NIMBUS is available in three highly configurable base platforms:
  • NIMBUS96: 96-channel multi-pipetting head (MPH)
  • NIMBUS4: 1 – 4 independent liquid channels
  • NIMBUS ENCLOSED: Available with 96-channel multi-pipetting head or 1 – 4 independent liquid channels
HamRo Nimbus
Application Areas include:
DNA/RNA extraction and purification Microarray sample preparation Cell assays & feeding Magnetic separation PCR setup and purification
Cloning assays ADMET assays Liquid-liquid extraction Post PCR cleanup Protein purification & digestion
Solubility assays ELISA preparation & processing Sequencing assays MALDI target spotting Compound handling
Sample pooling Sample normalization CE analysis setup Solid phase extraction Genomics, Proteomics & Cellomics assays
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